Abstract base class for WMS Capabilities version 1.3.X.  SLD 1.1.0 adds in the extra operations DescribeLayer and GetLegendGraphic, see:

Note on <MinScaleDenominator> and <MaxScaleDenominator> parsing: If the <MinScaleDenominator> value is set to “0”, no maxScale will be set on the layer object.  If the <MaxScaleDenominator> value is set to “Infinity”, no minScale will be set.  This makes it easy to create proper {OpenLayers.Layer.WMS} configurations directly from the layer object literals returned by this format, because no minScale/maxScale modifications need to be made.

Inherits from

Instances of OpenLayers.Layer.WMS are used to display data from OGC Web Mapping Services.
Abstract class not to be instantiated directly.